Saturday, 25 May 2013

That Took A While, Didn't It

I'm back.

Most of those who know me already know why I've been away for 8 weeks, and those who don't can PM me to find out. I returned from Canberra via Melbourne, Lindenow, Mallacoota, Canberra, Cowra, Armidale and then to Buderim. I was glad in a way that I was obliged to take the car, because 3200 km + over 6 days might have been a bit of an ask on the bike. The bike would have done the distance easily, but I suspect the rider might have collapsed with butt fatigue around Day 3.

Travelling from Mallacoota to Canberra via the Imlay Road, I was slowing down for the T-junction with the Monaro Highway when, rounding the last bend, I came across a dirty yellow wet streak across the road. I had no idea what it was, but in any event I hit it almost as soon as I saw it. At which point all 4 wheels broke traction, and by the time I recovered traction at the front I was halfway into the oncoming lane. Fortunately there was nothing coming the opposite way at that particular moment.

Had I been on the bike I almost certainly would have gone down. The streak must have been almost pure oil. The car is a Volvo C30 which is an AWD with electronic stability and traction control, so to make that vehicle skid requires something special. Presumably the timber jinkers that infest that road are too heavy to be thrown off line by a little river of oil.

The car attracts more favourable comment than the bike, and both attract far more favourable comment than their owner, which is inevitable given they are both so much younger. Still sad but.

The other reason for being glad I was in the car rather than on the bike is that it rained from Cowra to the Queensland border, sometimes quite heavily. At the Queensland border the rain stopped, the clouds parted and the sun came out. Ah Queensland, sunny one day, freezing bloody cold overnight the next.

Normal blogging will resume in a day or two.