Tuesday, 1 October 2013

If Everyone Charged Like Rental Car Companies

" Here, this one looks good: 1 bedroom studio apartment opposite beach, ocean views, mini bar and so on. Rack rate is $99 per night but if we book a week it's only $59 per night. We only want 6 nights, but that would cost $594 at the rack rate; the price for a week is just $413. "

" Sounds good, book it. "

[At the end of the stay, checking out.]

" So, we booked at the 1 week rate ... " [Waves credit card]

" Yessir, that's right. So I'll just tote this all up for you. $413 + 2 minibar @ $7 ea. is $427. Add daily room service fee of $18 / per day equals $126, subtotal $553. Premium location (beach view) fee of 24% is $132.72, subtotal $685.72. HLRF at $28/day is $196, subtotal $881.72. Taxable, of course. Paying by credit card? "

" Er, yes. What the heck is HLRF? "

" Hotel Licence Recovery Fee, sir. The State Government charges that just to give us the right to open our doors. Very annoying, but if we didn't pass it on we wouldn't be able to continue. So, $881.72 plus credit card admin fee of 3.6% of $31.74 is $913.46, and GST at 10% is $91.35, so the grand total is $1,004.81. PIN or sign, sir? "

[ Later, in the car]

" Well, that was pretty relaxing. "

" Not any more. Now I'm totally stressed by the bill. " {Hands it over]

" How can they get away with this? "