Friday, 24 January 2014

Whisky Has Arrived

Actually, the bottles for my first round of whisky tasting arrived a few days ago, I just haven't done anything with them. So here are the first candidates (none chill-filtered as far as I can ascertain).

Three 250ml bottles from Whisky Tasmania: Hellyer's Road Original (centre), Hellyer's Road Slightly Peated (right) and Hellyer's Road Peated (left). All 46% alcohol, all 10 years old (I think, bottle doesn't say). They all appear to me to be exactly the same colour, so the peat is purely flavour.

The other one also comes in three flavours, but not in 250ml:

Tasmania Distillery Sullivan's Cove Rare Tasmanian American and French Oak Double Cask Single Malt Whisky. Catchy name, eh? The three flavours are Single Cask American Oak, Single Cask French Oak, and, illustrated here, Double Cask (a blend of the previous two). 40% alcohol, 13 years old.

I have just read the little note that came with Sullivan's Cove, which confirms that the whisky is not chill filtered, tells me the bottle and cask numbers, and tells me that I can buy my own 20-litre cask if I wish; since my own cask would cost nearly $3,000 I might not take up that opportunity anytime soon.

Tasting will follow after Australia Day.