Saturday, 22 March 2014

Award Winning Whisky

Sullivan's Cove single malt whisky is made in 3 variations: one matured in French oak, one matured in American oak, and the last a 50:50 blend of the previous two. The French oak version has just been named Best Single Malt Whisky in the world:

Best Whisky In The World

All of the previous winners since 2007 have been either Scottish or Japanese,so congratulations to Patrick Maguire and his team at Sullivan's Cove.

The observant among you (and those who refer to the previous post) will see that I used Sullivan's Cove Dual Cask as my test bed for the 'Add A Little Water' experiment, so half the whisky in that experiment was the best in the world. The other half would have been a close second.


  1. G'day Andrew. Just touching base. Hope you're well.

    Can't drink much whisky or anything of late. Tolerance for alcohol seems to be shot. Drats !!! I used to like putting it away... :-(

  2. Hey, look everybody, it's Gerry. He wasn't kidnapped by aliens after all.

    Sorry to hear you can't tolerate inkumahol any more. On the bright side, you must be saving money. :-)

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